These 3 Symptoms Will Happen To Your Body If You Take A Job You Hate

Your body tells you more than you realize

Chau Trieu
3 min readJul 25, 2022


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For numerous employers, one of the unexpected but desirable results of giving employees lots of tasks is to prevent them from having time to think about themselves.

That’s why many people are stuck at a job they hate for years or get knocked into quitting after severe burnout.

Surely staying at a job your dread deteriorates your mental health way before you start to realize it.

But it gets to your body before your mind if you listen closely.

Your head and muscles ache

Have you ever felt like someone is knocking on your head with a sledgehammer at the end of the day? Or how your neck, shoulders, forearms, and thighs feel like you just spent eight hours at the gym doing intense workouts?

David Munson, a rehabilitation therapist at TriHealth Corporate Health explains this condition:

“When stress levels are high, our brain sends a signal to the nerves to go into protection mode and our nerves activate our muscles to tighten and increase their tone.”

At one of my previous jobs, there were days when my whole body felt like it wasn’t mine and all I wanted to do was lie down on my bed without changing or eating.

At first, I thought my body was reacting to a change of environment and working pace.

But as I kept suffering from headaches and muscle pain continuously for over a week, I knew I had to call it quits.

Your sleeping routine gets messed up

My coping mechanism for stress is sleep.

It worked because most jobs I took were remote so I had the freedom of no supervision. A 30-minute nap during noon could turn into three hours.

The more stressed out I was, the more I slept.

It quickly disrupted my usual routine.

I used to go to bed around 11 PM. Now, after so many demanding jobs, I cannot tuck in before 2 PM.



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