The 2022 Oscars Slap Discards The “I Don’t Have Time For This” Excuse

Are we seriously arguing with strangers online about Will Smith and Chris Rock?

Chau Trieu
2 min readMar 31, 2022


A hilarious Will Smith’s slap meme shared by a Twitter user

I couldn’t care less about movie awards. I bet many of us haven’t watched a three-hour-long Oscars ceremony even once.

But here we are, seeing the Internet going so crazy over Will Smith hitting Chris Rock across the face that only a few people know who won Best Picture this year (It’s CODA, a brilliant movie by the way).

I’ll tell you who the real winner is though. The Oscars, for getting nearly 17 million viewers and still taking up most online space even four days after it ended.

Four days have passed and people are still talking about the slap.

It’s been four days and people will still not let this incident die down.

Celebrities either keep voicing their opinions (i.e Zoe Kravitz, Wanda Sykes, Joseph Monish Patelor) or getting asked about it (i.e. Daniel Radcliffe).

Online communities are dissecting Will Smith’s behavior, going through his personal life, history, background, relationship with his wife, previous interviews, and more.

Some psychologists, researchers, and organizations are analyzing the situation and opening up space on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the audience to share their thoughts and ultimately engage in a heated argument where profanities are exchanged.

That seems like a whole lot of time spent on a matter that does not directly involve or influence viewers in any way. Yet, a large group of people is still following its latest updates.

Funny enough, those people are the ones who said they didn’t have enough time for XYZ.

Taking up a new hobby? I don’t have time for my current activities, let alone squeezing in another one.

Finishing up a 30-page paper that’s due next week? Such a tight deadline.

We only need 30 minutes a day to develop the habit of reading? I’d rather scroll Tik Tok.

Ooh, Will Smith just slapped Chris Rock? Let’s head online and spend the next hour calling out this complete stranger for having an opposing opinion.

If there’s anything good that came out of this drama, it’s showing people how much time we have on hand and how poorly many of us distribute it.

As long as we stay obsessed with what Hollywood people do or say, our most precious possession will still be exploited for the sake of rich folks.

Want to enrich your own life instead? Get off social media, turn off the news and do something that puts your mind at ease.

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