If You Ask Yourself This Question, You Probably Should Quit Your Job

and when you should NOT hand in your notice

Chau Trieu
3 min readFeb 16, 2022
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February 11 was my last day at my full-time job. After I sent my final text message to the team’s WhatsApp group, I was ready to delete the app.

Then, I received a message from my former co-worker. And three others after that.

Apparently, a few team members had a serious reflection session after I as their leader announced my resignation. They were all under lots of pressure and completely burnt out, yet they did not know if it was a sign telling them to quit.

They all asked me the same question: “How did you know that you should quit your job?”

I replied:

“When I asked myself if I should stay for my teammates.”

Asking this question means you no longer feel anything for and gain anything from your job.

You don’t find it exciting. You don’t see that you are going to learn something new, nor do you want to. You don’t actively find ways to improve yourself and how you work.

You are exhausted from the huge pile of tasks. You are tired of the empty promises your boss makes. You are upset that the managers refuse to see the…



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