I Quit My Job and Travelled Around Europe For 10 Days. Here’s What I Learned.

The trip wasn’t great but the lessons were

Chau Trieu
5 min readJul 5


Chau on a boat touring around the Seine River — Taken by my mother

My last day at work was June 1.

Three days later, I was on a flight to Paris with my parents, kicking off our 10-day Europe trip that was long overdue.

After months of seeing people quitting their job to travel around Europe on Instagram reels, I finally manifested one of my own.

And it was not good.

Having lived in The Netherlands for 3 years and visiting other countries off-season, returning as a tourist was a big mistake.

But this mediocre trip still taught me a few big lessons that I shall keep close to my heart.

#1 I’m extremely privileged

With the ongoing recession and how difficult it is to get a job nowadays, I had the luxury of quitting on my own will, traveling across the world, and still having enough money saved up to not ask for my parents’ support for at least 6 months from now.

That is a testament to how privileged I am.

Of course, I work hard to get to where I am.

But constantly grinding (and the cha-ching that came with it) without setting aside time to reflect turned me into a crybaby who complained about the littlest inconvenience.

It was only when I stood on the deck of a boat going around the Seine River taking in the sun and breeze of Paris in June did I realize there were so many things to be grateful for.

#2 You’ll truly know how you feel about your job on the last morning at work

I complained a lot while I was working full-time, mostly about work.

But on the last morning at work, I didn’t cling to anything that made me upset.

Rather, I missed the lessons I’d learned, the people I met, all those afternoons I and my colleagues ordered snacks and chatted away, and all the evenings we spent together working overtime.

I was wistful, which I can’t say the same for my previous full-time job. That’s when I knew how I really felt about my…