3 Ways To Remember What You Just Read Or Watched Longer

and even to implement the received information

Chau Trieu
3 min readJun 8, 2022


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Reading is like the mental version of going to the gym. They both make you look cool.

People admire you for the number of books you’ve read and the amount of time you’ve spent at the gym. Pictures and videos of books and of people working out receive high engagement on social media.

And just like going to the gym only to pose in front of the mirror and leave after five minutes, reading without ways to retain the information will only help you appear cool.

Aim to be cool by ignoring the numbers and focusing on information reception, apprehension, and implementation.

Here’s how I do it.

Publish your reviews

I started writing book reviews on Goodreads back in 2018.

I highlight all the relatable and memorable quotes as I read. I note down what I just learned after every chapter and then compiled all of them into one review which would be posted to Goodreads.

The purpose of this is to hold me accountable for every book I read. I don’t want to read for the sake of keeping scores but to learn to look from other people’s perspectives and see how their insights and knowledge can be applied to my life.

I believe that’s your goal too if you’re reading this piece.

You don’t even have to put it on sites that allow public access like Amazon, Goodreads, or WordPress. Creating a Notion book review page is also an option.

The point is to put what you have learned into writing instead of relying on your memories only.

Opt for one on one discussion

I’m not a book club type of person.

After joining one during high school, I found it to be too massive for every single person to have a say. Not everybody has a chance to express their own viewpoints and the communication becomes one-way quickly.

Instead of joining a book club, I share what I read with my high school friend who also enjoys literature and is a fellow content writer.



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